ICOStart Token Sale details

ICOStart has decided to revise the whitepaper section of the ICH token sale.
In fact, due to suggestions from investors and advisor, and simulations on the token economy, ICOStart decided to modify the distribution of tokens in the ICO phase. As you can see from the table below, all the ICH tokens distributed to the market (apart from the quota related to the reserve), will be locked for a period.


The start and end dates of the ICO have been modified to allow ICOStart to comply with the FINMA ICO Guidelines (Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority). In fact, since February 2018, FINMA has decided that a token can be considered an Utility (token), only if it can be used for the service to which it is dedicated, already the same day as the end of the ICO. This is why ICOStart is already working with a team of developers to make the services platform available as early as the end of August 2018.


These are the dates related to the ICO:

May 22 — June 5 — 25% Bonus
June 6 — June 28 — 15% Bonus
June 29 — July 27 — 5% Bonus
July 28 — August 23 — Base Price 0.09 $

ETH/USD value will be set the day before the ICO.

The minimum payment accepted by the smart contract will be 0.05ETH.
For payments under 5 ETH, the KYC procedure on icostart.ch will not be required.
For payments of more than 5 ETH, however, it is necessary to send the documents through the dashboard, and wait for approval.

In this way the smart contract can accept deposits of more than 5 ETH.