ICH Token



ICH Token  is a token compatible with the ERC20 standard.

ICH Token was designed to be the exchange value for trading the services offered by Swisscrowd SA.

The use of the ICH token is of a quite varied nature, because it allows to be spent to purchase a variety of services related to ICOStart, besides allowing to take part to private presales discounted in ICO selected by us. Using the ICH token it will be possible to have available all the required instruments to verify the feasibility of an ICO, the creation of the technological, legal and financial side of the ICO itself, up to the management of its own service on our own Blockchain through mining and master nodes as a service.
All the services offered will be traded on the ICOStart website in e-commerce mode, integrating the payment system through ICH Tokens. The startups that would like to use our services, shall possess ICH tokens of established value in order to purchase the service.

From all the tokens the company will receive as payments for the sale of services, any 3 months 15% will be disposed. With this procedure, Swisscrowd SA will send an Ethereum address without private keys the determined amount, removing in fact from the market 15%  of the received tokens as payment for the services. This will result to a shortage effect on the market, therefore to a consequent increase of the ICH tokens value.
This token burn will happen according to the legislation in force. Swisscrowd SA reserve its right to stop or modify in any moment the token burn procedure in case of obstacle of technical or legal nature.

ICH token holders moreover will enjoy a discount of at least 20%  on future purchases in the token sale that use  ICOStart products. In fact, any company that will use our ICOStart services, integrating them in their own token sale, will ensure a presale reserved to the owners of ICH tokens, that would be carried out in confidential manners and with a purchase guarantee.